Very nice and cozy home-stay Simon & Ee Shien (文聰, 玉嫻)100.06.07Hi all 租辦公室大家好  我用英語:My wife and I stay here for 2 nights on 26 - 27 網路行銷May.Very nice and cozy home-stay, clean rooms and good view of the pacific 土地買賣ocean.Conveniently located within walking distance to the town centre for 租辦公室food and shops.Breakfast was thoughtfully prepared with emphasis on 買屋網nutrition and using natural ingredients.Very hospitable house keepers.Will 澎湖民宿recommend to all staying in Hualian.謝謝小娟和ViVi的招待!Simon & Ee Shien (文烤肉食材聰, 玉嫻) 愛上不老海洋民宿網站 42度彩虹酒肉朋友民宿 部落格 42度彩虹民宿 網站 土地買賣 愛上不老海洋   地址 :花蓮市海濱街16燒烤號  電話 :0928-299567
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